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Hi, I'm Brennan Erbeznik. Welcome to my profile!

Brennan Erbeznik's Bio:

Brennan Erbeznik is a hungry, young filmmaker from Los Angeles, California with a highly focused and specific vision to write, direct and produce emotional stories in a variety of different mediums. While studying Economics and playing football at Villanova University he worked on multiple television shows and feature films. Prior to graduating, he also created Toy Gun Entertainment with Matthew Wizan where they both worked to create a solid body of work including commercials, music videos, documentaries and shorts. He is intensely spirited about any new opportunity to attack a challenge and thrives in pressure situations. Even more so, he is extremely dedicated to growing as a storyteller, whether it be learning new techniques or seeking out new stories.

Brennan Erbeznik's Experience:

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Brennan Erbeznik's Interests & Activities:

Neuroscience, Virtual Reality, Internet Marketing, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, Sustainable Energy

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